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Marberia C


DESIGNER: Archea Associati

MATERIAL: White marble High.

DIMENSIONS: Depth 17.5 cm; Height 40 cm; Width 30.5 cm.

WEIGHT: 22.6 kg


Product Description

The library is the wallet Memory: usually made of wood, metal, glass, marble ever. Marmeria makes the space at the same time innovative and traditional, metropolitan and design, a link between the modular furniture and objet d’art. The individual elements, to be composed in infinite configurations, take advantage of the opportunities associated with the marble choice: the material, the colors, the tactile ranging from marble to the diversity gloss finish. An open system that, through the combinatorial flexibility of the modules, allows to obtain a drawing and an image always different.
Elements of Altissimo white marble, realized in four different geometric configurations to a depth of 30 cm, a variable length from 17 to 29 cm and a height of 40 cm. The mounting takes place by simple overlay of the individual elements. The maximum height to get a “library” self-supporting without the wall anchors is 200 cm, while the width is free depending on the need. The weight of each single element is variable from 18 to 22 kg; the weight of each row of the library is thus of about 80 kg per linear meter.