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Side Up works in the heart of the district of Carrara marble, where for thousands of years the valuable raw material is extracted and processed, where Michelangelo chose the marble and carved them with the help of local workers
Our mission is to select and promote, in a single window, the most qualified of the holdings of the stone industry and other companies whose products satisfy the selection criteria adopted by Side Up.

In companies present in Side Up, collaboration between ancient knowledge linked to traditional stone processing combine. 

This combination of tradition and innovation can be seen as a re-release in the XXI century of“Botteghe” of the Renaissance artists, in which creativity¬† and research combined with the know-how were creating the wishes of the most prestigious commissions era.¬†

The synergy between the be able to do and new technologies, between history and experimentation, it is accompanied with extraordinary care in the production of objects that, thanks to the uniqueness of the material, the same and changing at the same time, they become themselves unique and unrepeatable also in reproducibility of their forms.